Amsterdam, first reactions

We left shanghai early Sunday arriving in Amsterdam late at night. With a whole exit row to myself and excited to visit a second city I barely slept the 12 hour flight.

Shanghai was sweltering the whole time, 95+ and 100% humidity. Amsterdam was a treat, 75's and breezy.

Amsterdam was gorgeous. Crisscrossing through the whole city are these amazing canals lined with little motor boats and boat houses. Turns out a small boat doesn't require any permits to use in the canals, so it's very common to own a boat. I know for a fact I’d have to buy a boat if I lived there. Small cafe’s had clusters of tables canal side. And everyone biked, everywhere. There are actually more bikes then people in the city. The bike of choice was a relaxed urban cruisers v the typical aggressive road bike here in NYC. I felt that same relaxed, stress free feeling during my entire visit. No one was in a rush and people took time to enjoy themselves. 

The whole culture seemed to savor the time outside. Walking along cobble stone streets I’d pass families at dining room tables feet from me, front door wide open with their dog lounging on the front stoop, off leash. If they were able to crack a window or door for fresh air they did it, restaurants, homes, pubs.