Coping with the hustle

Work had been wearing me down. I've been venting any stress I have by exploiting my lunch breaks to shoot the streets. Walking around the small back streets of Soho and the village with no destination gives you time to find the best hidden gems.

Lately I keep finding myself looking up a lot more then normal. The top edges of so many buildings in NYC are beautiful, decorated with intricate molding or painting in a daring contrasting color to the rest of the block. Its another side of New York a lot of people probably miss. 


Walking around I stumbled upon this block of boldly colored town homes. Each painted in a similar bright pastel palette. They were all hanging out together on a tucked away block stuck in the middle of West Noho, a sort of odd spot for a nice strip of homes.


In addition to exploring more as the weather lifts here in NYC I'm starting to mess with VSCO's film emulation kits. It has sped up my editing routine quite a bit we'll see how these set filters work out in the long run.