Road Trip: PA

Road Trip Series: Day 1 & 2

We left Brooklyn later then we planned. Traffic impeded our excitement to bust out of the city and get on with our trip. Red lights eventually gave way to open highway and we gunned it for PA. 

10 pm we roll into Clara’s aunts house. The inventible NYC vs the country conversation ensues over a few slices of pizza, broken up by Kleine’s growls at the house cats.

The next morning we’re up early to drop off the Rabbit to get a fresh set of front tires and a check up. Waiting for the car we eat oat meal and chat about shore fishing and dun buggies, its was an unexpected topic.


Our phone rings and the car's done way ahead of schedule. We pack up, drive out, and soon we're on the road officially kicking off our road trip adventure. Lunch is in order and we pull off at the newly opened Bagel Bunch, or as we called it "Bagel on a Mountain".  We ordered the Clark: ham, sausage, bacon, eggs, and cheese inside a french toast bagel. Amazing.

We're driving through Pennsylvania and remember the strange abandoned town of Centralia we've wanted to explore. It's a town on top of the longest burning fire in America, a coal mine caught fire in the 70's and is still burning. Except for a few old locals the town is totally vacant. You drive past empty tree covered lots that use to be people's yards and homes, very creepy.

Looking on the map there is a second old highway quarantined off from the main road. We park and head for it quickly discovering a massive crack formed in the middle of the highway. Feeling the ground you notice it's much hotter then it should be, a sign of the fire below. We poke around before jumping back in the car continuing west.