Beacon, NY Hiking

As the summer started we itched to get out of the city and hike upstate. The town of Beacon came up at work all the time because of their great art museum. But I had never heard about all the hiking trails around the town. I stumbled upon many listing online and narrowed down to a few. 

We drove north, 2 hours outside the city and we entered Beacon. I had read online about an easy trail by the towns water treatment plant oddly enough. You drive through downtown and then out to a large parking lot. 

You pass over an old bridge above a railroad track. Still active you can see trains come barreling through underneath.  

After the bridge you cut left, to the right is a museum. Next you'll see an old abandoned building. The gate was open when we were there so we poked around.  

Past the abandoned building you'll meet up with the trail. The trail is one big circle so you can go either way. Along the trail you'll see small side paths. Most of these lead down to the rocky Hudson River beach. We set up the hammock and relaxed for a bit.