The Art of the Urban Lunch Break


Winter hit in one blunt snow storm mid October. Ever since New Yorkers have battled freezing temperatures and brutal wind. The same as winter happened suddenly, spring has emerged without warning.

When the weather gets nice in NYC it means lunch outside. Lunch breaks in the city can be amazing with a few considerations. Here’s Field Series’ guide to The Art of the Urban Lunch Break.

1. Sunglasses

Before heading out of the office grab shades. It's spring which means its bright as heck.

2. A proper sandwich

A great lunch is only doable with delicious food. A sandwich is the perfect out and about food. One handle-able and layered with anything you can dream of.

In my neck of the woods Better Being Underground or Fiascos is the defecto outside lunch sandwich supplier.

3. Napkins

Keep it clean.

4. A beverage

Eating is only part of an urban lunch break. Once your done eating you have to take your time and relax. This is best achieved with a cold drink.

5. A prime view

A good sandwich are complimented best by a good view. An interesting side street or a busy main rag both offer interesting scenes. But a large water body tops all and is worth a detour. Eating lunch water side can't be understated.

6. An inconspicuous seat

Conventional thinking would suggest for lunch your looking for a park bench or a cafe with outside seating. Those are fine but I prefer a good stoop along a street. Think urban picnic topped with amazing people watching.

Spring in New York is incredible, everything transforms as the buildings and citizens awaken from a wintery hibernation. Exploit your lunch break with some outside time.