February has been slow and cold, but here are the highlights

Clara and I have started to make a lot of homemade food. Most notable was our own camembert cheese. It's amazing how you can turn 2 gallons of milk into a few professional looking rounds of cheese. Clara's also been making yogurt, bread, kimchi, sauerkraut, and tofu. 


New York got its first big snow. I worked from home friday to watch the snow start to build up. The Saturday after the big drop we went on a long walk with Kleine for the boy to experience his first mini-blizzard. Being short the snow came up to his chest and he quickly adopted a rabbit like hoping technique for getting around patches of deep snow, which he insisted upon jumping through over the cleared walk ways. 


Nour visited from LA. We grabbed lunch at Local, I introduced him to Kiosk, and later ate at Momofuku Noodle bar. He also hooked me with a 50mm lens he no longer needed. It feels great to have this little guy again.


A few of us escaped the city to a cabin to cook, drink, and play game. We spent 3 days hanging out in a small cabin hiking around the local area. See the full story here.


The discovery of a new hidden noodle shop has inspired me to make a guide book to New York for visiting friends. If anyone reading this has tips DM me on twitter.