Catskill's Expedition Part II

We pull up to the camp grounds and approach the check in booth. Filling out paper work,

"What kind of dog is that"   
"We're not really sure"  
"Kinda looks like a fox"

We pencil in dwarf fox, and pay for our firewood bundle. 

Pulling around to our loop a light drizzle starts. Everyone starts making sense of the camp site and staking up tents. The rain passes and we get a fire started. 

Clara's brought along an old cast iron pot in need of seasoning. Before leaving Brooklyn we grabbed some lard, were going to season this pot the right way. A fresh coat applied we rest the pot face down above the fire and let it do its thing. As it heats up and bakes in we pull it off and hang to let cool down. 

The groups getting restless and we venture out for a hike. Down a few curvey roads and we find ourselves heading through the woods circling around the edge a big lake. 

Kleine is running off leash and loving every minute. Dashing ahead to scout and then mesmerized sniffing everything and having to sprint back to the group. Being small doesn't seem to slow the boy down, his energy is endless.  

We emerge from the woods at a beach. Presented with a gorgeous display of fall, a full mountain painted in reds, yellows, and oranges. The group wanders around the beach, its dark and damp but still enjoyable. Kleine makes laps along the length of waterfront stopping to bark at waves and walk out into the water. He's filthy at this point and seems proud of it.

The hikes longer then we expected and the groups tired. Time to test the cast iron. Clara’s packed the ingredients for chicken and dumplings. As she works the rest of the group prepares hot cider and whiskey, baked sweet potatoes, grilled veggies, and more. We have a proper forest fest prepared. The sunsets and everyone sits down for a big family dinner style meal. Dinner kept rolling into s'mores, drinks and card games. 

The next morning as the crew breaks down camp breakfast is in the works. Eggs, bacon, coffee, corn beef hash, enough food to get the group back to the city. And then one last thing for the cast iron, cinnamon buns. Fire on bottom and top to get that toasted browning effects on the surface. The cast iron is a success and a must for any car camping trip. 

We pack up camp and head for the city. 

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